Bolsa de Empleo

Titulo Oferta Doctor for Ireland- july 22 
Localidad puesto de trabajo Dublin area
Provincia Extranjero
País Irlanda
Descripción Interviews for different specialities are now well underway for this July intake 2022 ! Contracts for at least one year Description: Bologna Health Jobs ( ) has new exciting opportunities for specialised doctors for the HSE in Ireland in several cities closed to the airports : Consultant level: Anaesthesia (preferably with experience in ICU andor Obstetrics) Geriatrics Radiation oncology Emergency Medicine Internal Medicine (with recent experience inside a hospital) Internal Medicine with Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, respiratory medicine.. Radiology (general Radiology) Breast Radiology Haematology Paediatrics Neonatologist Obstetrics and Gynaecology Adult Psychiatry Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Old Age psychiatry Orthopaedics Histophatology Medical oncology Microbiology Neurology Rheumatology Registrar level Medical Oncology General Medicine Plastic Surgery Clinical Cardiology Anaesthesia (with experience in intensive care andor Obstetrics) Internal Medicine (in an acute Hospital setting) Paediatrics Emergency Medicine Obstetrics and Gynaecology Respiratory Medicine Medical Oncology Adult Psychiatry Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Urology Infectious diseases Haematology Gastroenterology Immunology Rheumatology Infectious diseases Geriatrics Benefits: - Initial contracts of 1 year (in certain cases could be up to 2 years) or 6 months. Big opportunities to obtain permanent contracts for Consultants positions in the mid- term (1 or 2 years). - Possibility to do Locums through our agency once you have been some time in Ireland (minimum of 3 months) to get some more earnings. - Approximate net monthly salary of 4500 netmonth after tax and pension deductions for Registrar positions. - Approximate net monthly salary of 6000-7000 netmonth after tax and pension deductions for Consultant positions.(7.500 for Psychiatrists) - 31 working days per Year holidays for Consultants+ public holidays (there is 9 in a year). - 3 weeks holidays every semester for registrar or SHO posts. - 7 study days leave per year to attend conferences or further education for Consultants and 18 days per semester maximum for Registrar posts. - Up to 3000 for educational funding for Consultants.
Tipo de Contrato Por cuenta ajena
Dedicación Horaria Jornada Ordinaria
Distribución Jornada Diaria : Maana
Duración Contrato Temporal
Remuneración Ms de 2.000
Requisitos Requirements and Qualifications: For Consultant level applications the following requirements apply: 1. Minimum of 7 years experience (after primary medical qualification) in the practice of the medical profession, of which no less than 5 have been devoted to your chosen specialty. 2. Very high level of English (at least B2). 3. Preferably with experience in an English speaking country. 4. Registered with the IMC in the specialist register. We will help all candidates to do this if they are not yet registered 5. All candidates that are not yet registered should be qualified as a specialist in the EU or alternatively should of had this title recognized in a EU member state. For Registrar level applications the following requirements apply: 1. The candidates will have to register with the IMC (Irish Medical Council) at least in the General Register for Registrar posts (if they havent done so yet). Assistance will be granted to do this and we will help you all the way through. Please take into account that the registration process typically takes up to 3 months since doctors start the paper work so it will be advisable to start ASAP as doctors cant take up a job place till they are registered. 2. Candidates should have a minimum experience of 5 years experience in the chosen specialty. All candidates that have just finished their specialty or are going to do it in the near future will be highly considered for this post. 3.The level of English requested is very high (equivalent at least to a C1 level). HSE recommend to pass the IELTS or OET exam . 4. All doctors should have completed their specialist training in a country of the EU or had their specialist title recognized in one of these countries. All candidates that have finished their BMQ in a EU country ( or have convalidated this title in a EU country) and have been at least 3 years practicing in the chosen speciality in a EU country can be considered for a post as a registrar in Ireland.
Persona de Contacto viviana Algar Triginer
Teléfono 0687242483
Fecha Alta 13/06/22